Spain records lowest coronavirus death numbers in more than 7 weeks

Spain reported 123 coronavirus deaths in the latest 24-hour period on Monday — the lowest number since March 19, Spanish Ministry of Health data showed.

At 0.7 %, that’s the lowest daily mortality increase in 7 weeks, bringing the total number of deaths to 26,744 since the start of the pandemic, according to the Ministry’s figures.

The rise in new infections since Sunday is 373, bringing the number of cumulative cases confirmed by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests to 227,436.

Just more than half of Spain’s population got more freedom from the coronavirus lockdown, starting today, as their territories moved to Phase 1 of de-escalation, that allows meetings of up to 10 people who don’t live together, or the opening only of 50% of the normal outdoor seating at restaurants. The government said it is monitoring to avoid a second wave of infections.

Spain’s Director of Health Emergencies, Dr. Fernando Simón, said authorities are closely watching new data from some Spanish hospitals reporting somewhat younger COVID-19 patients.

“In some hospitals, not many but some hospitals, it seemed they have detected that the average age of people is a bit less, not kids but the average age of people is a bit less,” Simón said at the daily technical briefing press conference. “This in principle could be due to various things. The first thing we needed to rule out was whether it had something to do, or not, with the release of kids, and apparently it wasn’t.”

Children under age 14 were allowed out for walks and to exercise, with an adult who lives with them, starting April 26, after six weeks of strict confinement at home under Spain’s state of emergency, which remains in effect, aiming to reduce coronavirus infections. Simón did not offer further details about this new data on somewhat younger patients.


Spain records lowest coronavirus death numbers in more than 7 weeks

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