Speaking About Sleeping With Sandra Iheuwa’s Ex-Husband, Nollywood Actress

Nancy Iheme, a rising star in Nollywood, has responded to Sandra Iheuwa’s claims that she had an affair with her ex-husband Steve Thompson. Sandra is a Nigerian businesswoman.

In a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Sandra said that Nancy was to blame for the breakdown of her marriage.
She claimed that the actor and Steve were dating after Steve showed her some of their social media DMs and conversations.

Sandra added that since she didn’t invite Nancy to her wedding and they weren’t friends, she was shocked to see her there.

In response to this, Nancy cautioned Sandra Iheuwa not to drag her into the breakdown of her marriage to Steve in a message uploaded on Instagram.

She acknowledged that Steve talks a lot and revealed some of the Nigerian celebrities, including Sandra’s acquaintance, with whom he has had affairs.

The actress stated that she and Steve never had an intimate relationship and suggested suing the former couple to present proof of their claim.

As she put it, “Attention seeking… Continue hunting for someone to drag if it’s not me to disperse your 100 million wedding ooo… Of course, my name is Iheme Nancy, but we are not even close pals. Everywhere you go, you are searching for someone to accompany your idiocy since you went to marry MTN.

Until you provide evidence, I can actually sue you and your ex-spouse. Thank God you are aware of how frequently your ex-spokes; how can you possibly believe he has slept with me? Do you recall how many famous people he formerly claimed to have relationships with? I still don’t see why you are dragging me about, not even your close friend. Weren’t you the one who went and opened your legs for him (I’m not loose)?

I don’t even know you, let alone this dude. Keep away from me so I don’t damage this girl’s heart. I won’t talk about this subject again because, believe me, you are not worth it. Let yourself heal.

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