This Bleached Guy Just Shown His Madness, – Doyin ridicules Whitmoney on BBNaija

Doyin, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has criticized Whitemoney for a comment he made on a recent podcast with Nedu, a media personality.

In order to get his backing for “hookups,” according to Whitemoney, female contestants on the reality TV show allegedly urged him to introduce them to his businesses and business partners.

Also, Whitemoney reaffirmed his contentious claim that women do not find a broke man attractive and questioned his colleague Doyin about it.

Doyin responded by mocking Whitemoney in an Instagram post as she recalled previous events between the two of them.

The reality TV star claims that Whitmeoney just provided her with his manager’s contact information as assistance.

She continued to make fun of Whitemoney’s sanity and complexion.

“With your words, Doyin, you know what I did for you,” she wrote. Gentlemen, I met you at Intercontinental with this bleached man. When I introduced myself, he said… Yeah, his boss really liked me in the house and wants to handle me. I advised him to give me some time to consider it before calling him. I did give him a call a few days later to get her phone number.

“Did you do it for me? You questioned my level of rage. I’m not the one shouting obscenities into a microphone and speaking down to a woman because she provided you with the instruction you refused to receive at home. You should show the entire internet that you are insane. I’m not the one that is angry here, boo.

“PS: Calling me little or small doesn’t make you huge; after all, you’re on the ground and have no significance at all. But, your microbladed brows seem nice; I might acquire one.

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