Three Children Died in a House Fire in Vietnam

Three women and children have perished in a house fire in Hanoi, according to authorities on Monday. This is the capital city of Vietnam’s latest deadly fire.

Three individuals managed to flee the six-story building late on Sunday by scaling the rooftops of adjacent structures.

Twelve fire engines and over one hundred rescues were sent to put out the fire.

After the fire was put out, police discovered the bodies of the three children, ages two to eleven, and the 53-year-old woman.

While the façade of the building was covered in advertising boards, the bottom three stories were used as a store and storage place for paint and building supplies.

Less than a month has passed since a Hanoi apartment building fire claimed 14 lives, and less than a year has passed since another Hanoi apartment building fire claimed 56 lives.

Vietnam’s communist government has worked to increase fire safety after years of disobedience to the law, especially in heavily populated cities.

Three individuals lost their lives in a similar fire that occurred on Sunday in Bac Giang city, which is located 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Hanoi.


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