Trump economic adviser says economy will be reopened “on a rolling basis”

Top Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow suggested on Fox Business this afternoon that the economy will be reopened on a “rolling basis.”

“What we’re looking at here, I hope, will be a two month gap interference, if you will. March, end of April. The next month or two, we should be able to restart, at least on a rolling basis.”

Kudlow touted the $2.3 trillion from the Federal Reserve geared at helping medium-sized “Main Street” businesses, but didn’t provide many details, saying that he didn’t “know all of the parameters” for the loans yet and that is still being worked out with the Treasury Department.

However, he said, “Everybody who wants one is going to be able to get one. That is our goal. That’s the essential message: we want to keep you in business, we know just how difficult this is. We know the hardships are enormous.”

He added that mitigation efforts “seem to be bearing fruit,” and that it is his hope that the economy will reopen in a four to eight week time frame (something he’s said previously).

He again acknowledged “glitches” with the small business loan program but expressed praise for Mnuchin and the SBA.

As of today at 2 p.m., he said, 500,000 loans have been approved, worth $128 billion, via almost 4,000 bank lenders.

One viewer who owns a hair salon asked him about issues with getting employees to want to come back to work.

“If I may, it’s cool to work,” Kudlow said. “Working has become cool again.”

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