Vin Diesel, the ‘Fast and Furious’ star, is accused of sexual assault

Asta Jonasson, a former assistant to “Fast & Furious” star Vin Diesel, has launched a sexual assault case against him.
According to the complaint she filed on Thursday, December 21, 2023 in Los Angeles, the incident allegedly occurred in a St. Regis hotel suite in 2010 while Jonasson was working for the Fast and Furious star during the production of Fast Five.

The woman accused Diesel of touching, kissing, and masturbating in front of her in his Atlanta hotel room in 2010. The claimed incident happened just a week after she was hired by Diesel and his production company, One Race Productions, to work on Fast Five.

“The suit alleges that late one night in September 2010, Jonasson was asked to wait in Diesel’s suite at the St. Regis hotel while he entertained hostesses he had brought back from a club,” according to Vanity Fair. The lawsuit claims that when the other ladies left, Diesel ‘grabbed Ms. Jonasson’s wrists, one with each of his hands, and pulled her onto the bed.’ She implored him to stop, escaped his grasp, and waited for him to leave by the front door of the suite.”

According to Vanity Fair, “Ms. Jonasson was afraid to more strongly refuse her employer, knowing that getting him out of that room was both crucial to her personal safety and job security…Unfortunately,

Vin Diesel ended this dream by bending down, pushing Ms. Jonasson’s dress up to her waist, and touching every part of her body, including her inner thighs.

“When Diesel moved to pull down Jonasson’s underwear, she screamed and ran down the hallway toward the bathroom, where Diesel pinned her to the wall, placing her hand on his erect penis, even though she verbally refused.” According to the lawsuit, he masturbated while “terrified Ms. Jonasson closed her eyes, trying to dissociate from the sexual assault and avoid angering him.”

However, as of the time of publication, Diesel had yet to reply to the case.

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