Life Inside The NYSC Orientation Camp


Life Inside The NYSC Orientation Camp

{Hope you are aware that }

 The NYSC orientation programme last for only 21 days? Which is just about 3 weeks on the dot.
Immediately your name comes out in the next NYSC senate list and you have printed your call up letter. It’s now left for you to arrive camp within the given date.

From experience it is advisable to get to camp the very first day so that you will finish up with the numerous clearance and verification in camp.

Another reason is to get a better bed space so that they won’t throw you in one type of stupid bunk lol.


If you are coming from a very far distance place, please make adequate preparation, like coming to camp on that date written on your call up letter.

Make sure before coming to camp that all your requirements that Will sustain you in camp are with you. Things like:

  • mosquito net.
  • Touch light.
  • soap, detergent,
  • Plastic bucket – you can get it in camp.
  • get like towel, 3 shorts and 3 singlet, don’t depend on NYSC own.
  • Don’t Forget Dettol.
  • Don’t Forget hypo
  • Plastic Flask, plates and spoon.
  • Provisions like milk, Milo etc.

Don’t get to the NYSC orientation camp with your laptops, or any metal. The only cloths allow is white and white, you are only meant to put on a different cloths on Sunday only, which means 3 times in camp . Don’t go and pack your cloths just 3 is okay while the rest should be white and white.

Arriving on camp, you will be searched by a team of police men. Don’t be scared no body is arresting you, it’s just to make sure that exhibit and dangerous weapons are not brought into the camp.

After this, head straight to the registration venue to complete all your registration.


When you get to the camp a temporary ID card will be issued to you, you are advised to keep this temporary ID card 24/7 always with you so that you don’t run into any problems with the men of the Nigerian army who are your instructors right there in camp.

Now with your ID card you should head to where they are issuing bed space, although things might have changed right now but in my days, when we presented our ID card, we were issued a foam and a bed space which is usually a bunk.
Please don’t expect a very good foam because the foam you will be given might be as flat as anything but never mind its just for 21 days only.

Don’t Forget to choose a nice bunk, this will be only possible if you report in camp on time if not, any one you see, you collect.

While in your bunk, you should not fight, smoke or do things that might put you in problem remember that the military men are everywhere.

Always put your money in your pause and put it around your waist 24/7, if it’s time to sleep you can put it under your pillow. Am speaking from experience, never you depend on those tiny keys because any key can open them.

Note that parade starts by 4am, you all are expected to be on the parade ground by 4am on the dot and it’s a must you leave your bunk by 4am, so by 3am you should start getting ready. For those who are not feeling fine you will be ask to go to the clinic.

Remember that you are living a regimental kind of life style that the military boys are used to, but don’t be scared in two or 3 days your body system will adjust.

There is a Mami market where you are expected to buy few things like food, snacks, drinks, provisions, sew or reshape your cloths. Truth be told prices of things there are times 5 of what you get outside your camp.


You are to do proper registration in camp and this registration are in stages, immediately you get into the camp your registration start and will stop temporarily when you must have gotten your bunk and after that you continue your registration.

First your finger print will be validated on the system, your call up letter will be validated and your certificates or statement of result will be validated with the help of a UV / Mercury Light verification.

Here you will be assign to a platoon, you might find something like platoon 1 to 9 or even 10. In each platoon there will be an elected platoon leader and an assistant, If possible a secretary, fin secretary and treasurer.

You all will make little donation like 500 to 1000 naira which will be used to fund every event you guys will participate in.
Like there will be a football, volleyball, basketball, cultural  dance, dance competition, singing competitions, something they call Mr macho for the guys competition and also miss nysc something something hahahahahaha.

So life inside camp is fun where you meet new people and faces, so don’t feel shy to interact with your fellow Corp members.


You will be issued a new set of kits, your kits might be bigger than you in this case stand by and wait for someone you can exchange with.
You will be give a jungle boot, tennis shoes, 2 shots and 2 shirt please excluding the jungle boot others might not last because they are inferior so get your own from home to complement this.

Summary of what you will be given:

  1. NYSC khaki Trouser and jacket
  2. + belts,
  3. 2 white t-shirts,
  4. 2 white shorts and
  5. 2pairs of socks and
  6. NYSC crested vest.

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