A Former Housemate of Big Brother Talks About a “Disturbing” Medical Condition

Uriel Oputa, a former BBNaija housemate, has disclosed that she is dyslexic.
A reading condition called dyslexia is characterized by trouble matching speech sounds to letters and words.

After one of her admirers remarked that she sometimes finds it difficult to understand the celebrity chef’s writing, the reality TV star turned chef and nutritionist shared this via her Instagram stories.

She remarked, “Uriel, you are so sweet, you are fantastic. Someone sent me a note. I admire what you do, however I sometimes find it difficult to read your writing because you occasionally forget to use a comma or a full stop, etc. I have dyslexia. Very dyslexic myself.

Sometimes, I might be Albert Einstein and sometimes, I might get it right. Full stop, comma, and even alignment don’t always match. Depart from me; I’m dyslexic.

She sometimes uses proper spelling, punctuation, and other writing conventions, but other days, despite her best efforts, it all doesn’t make sense, according to Uriel.

Even after checking a word a hundred times, I occasionally miss it. Despite the fact that I have dyslexia, I am very intelligent.

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