A Gang Smuggling Immigrants On Private Planes Is Caught by European Police

Tuesday’s operations in Belgium and Italy resulted in the seizure of two aircraft, a high-end vehicle, and tools for creating forged identification cards, according to the European Union’s police agency.

According to Europol, at least five smuggling operations are thought to have occurred in five distinct European nations between October 2020 and December 2020.

The majority of the migrants were Kurds from Iran or Iraq who boarded the private plane in Turkey while traveling on fictitious diplomatic documents.

The passengers would never make it to the Caribbean, according to the agency, even though the aircraft were normally headed there.

The migrants disembarked the aircraft during layovers at various European airports, including those in Austria, France, and Germany, destroyed their fake passports, and then systematically asked for asylum, according to the Hague-based organization.

The criminal organization paid up to 20,000 euros ($20,000) for each person it smuggled, and it is also suspected of writing bogus checks, defrauding airlines in an effort to acquire its own fleet, and cheating hotels by failing to pay bills, according to the report.

Allegations of document fraud, money laundering, and smuggling of migrants are leveled against the suspects.

The operation was coordinated by Europol and its twin judicial arm Eurojust, together with European police and US law enforcement agencies.


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