Actress in Nollywood Identifies The One Quality Her Male Fans Enjoy About Her

Motunrayo Oluwakemi, a.k.a. Motunrayotohset, a well-known actress in Nigeria, has claimed that one of the things her male fans adore about her is her boobs, which are impossible to take their eyes off of.

During a conversation with Potpourri, the busy film director revealed this and noted how pitiful it is how men and society as a whole view actors. She also recounted some of her experiences with men.

“Sometime ago, I was in Dubai, and one of my fans found out about it,” Motunrayo said. He then asked me to specify my pricing in a social media statement. I questioned him about what he meant because I was incensed. I should grasp what he meant, he added, that

that he wanted to send me some money to come over and spend some time with him, I blocked him immediately. I am busty but then I know the only thing my male fans like about me is my boobs. They can’t just get their eyes off it.”

The actress remarked, in reference to how many actresses are viewed in this region of the world: “I think the most difficult component of being an actress is the way people perceive us. The false assumptions are really unsettling. Some individuals categorize actresses as “runs girls” (pr*stitutes) in disguise, and I believe that such notions are inappropriate. For instance, when I just purchased a new SUV, several folks immediately assumed my sugar daddy was responsible. It’s bad that some people believe we can’t achieve wonderful things in life without men and without hard work. I own a wine and jewelry shop in addition to acting, she continued.

The actress, who was born in Owo, Ondo State, and has an OND,

The Owo, Ondo State-born actress who is an OND graduate of Business Administration from the Lagos State Polytechnic started acting in 2008

Speaking on the difficulties she encountered when she first entered the field, she claimed that despite going through both ups and downs, she never lost her passion for acting.

By way of Double A Entertainment’s Afeez Owo Group, I entered the film industry in 2008. It wasn’t easy for me to break into the film industry. The competition among actresses was fierce when I initially entered the field in 2009, but I am grateful that I am still alive and prospering on my own.

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