Burna Boy breaks a record

Burna Boy performed in the 21,000-seat State Farm Arena in Atlanta, United States, on Sunday, July 31, 2022. By selling out the famous venue while playing songs from his most recent album, “Love, Damin,” he set a record.
Burna Boy is renowned for bringing the intensity to every performance, and this was no exception.

The Grammy Award-winning Afrobeats master, who regularly engages fans in call-and-response and sing-along performances, didn’t fail to electrify the stage and the entire arena.

Burna Boy sold out venues across the globe in 2022, from the illustrious 20,000 Madison Square Garden in New York City to the 20,300 Accor Arena in France, the 16,500 Ahoy Arena, the 17,500 Ziggodome in Holland, the 19,000 Toyota Centre in Houston, and the current 21, 000 State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

He continues to sell out large venues and set records, being the first African musician to do so at Atlanta’s Farm Arena.

Burna Boy is one of the top Afrobeats artists in Nigeria, and he only keeps getting better. His song “Love, Damini” has received over 100 million streams on Spotify, and counting. Knowing that Afrobeats is becoming more and more popular around the globe because to our incredible artists is a really reassuring and patriotic feeling.

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