Actress Monalisa Chinda is accused by Nigerians of putting her kidnapped coworkers in danger.

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has been under fire from several Nigerians for putting her kidnapped coworkers Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel in risk.
According to Naija News, the two experienced actors were abducted and a $100,000 ransom was requested.

Monalisa, the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria’s (AGN) Director of Communications, wrote on Instagram that she doesn’t understand why people would believe that Nollywood actors are wealthy given the meager rates they are paid.

Monalisa stated that it is simple to track the phone numbers used to connect with the actors while they are being held captive while expressing outrage at the $100k demand made by the kidnappers.

“With the pitiful sum we earn as fees, I don’t see how anyone would assume that actors have money,” she wrote. The struggle we have from time to time with life’s vicissitudes, health problems, etc. $1 million from where? It is simple to track down the phone numbers that were used to interact with them. I mean.. On @actorsguildofnigeria, there is a search. Please continue reposting.

Nigerians to Blame Monica Chinda
Monalisa’s social media post sparked online controversy as some internet users accused her of endangering the actors.

Some individuals believed that her social media post may have given the kidnappers a hint.

In the words of Kellyfresh22, “She is now hurting them more than the kidnappers. It is possible to find out which number it is. You guys have to be completely honest in order to get influence. Make una dey ask for wisdom, nah.

Social networking is doing more harm than good, according to ekymark.

“Madam what if one of them read this,” remarked maxhubonline, “Chasing clout will not help us to know the proper time to discuss and the correct item to talk about.”

Why still put them in risk by talking about monitoring and surveillance, iamrealebere wrote.

“And you think people won’t see this, this is not at all a wise strategy,” eyinimofe232 remarked.

This is absurd, you’re putting them in greater danger, so be quiet while everyone searches for them, wrote khadi diamond. Do not forget that the kidnappers are active on social media.

“So why upload it if it may as easily be traced?” asked symply ammo. What happened to surprising them?


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