Burna Boy’s Day was observed on March 2nd in US City

In honor of the Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, has proclaimed March 2nd as “Burna Boy’s Day.”
After making his breakthrough on the global scene in 2018, Burna Boy performed numerous sold-out gigs in Boston.
Nonetheless, the Boston City Council claimed in a letter bearing Councillor Ruthzee Louijeune’s signature that Burna Boy was honored for his “performances and advocacy works.”

It was mentioned that Burna Boy’s legacy acts as a reminder of hope and the necessity of keeping up the amplification of voices that have long yearned to go unheard or unnoticed.

The text of the document stated, “The variety of cultural events, festivals, and neighborhood projects that highlight the city’s ethnic landscape and: demonstrate Boston’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating culture and diversity.

However, Burna Boy’s legacy inspires us to keep raising the voices of those who have long been marginalized or ignored. For this reason, it is decided that March 2, 2024 will be remembered as Burna Boy Day in the City of Boston.

Americans Took Burna Boy’s Property
Contrary to popular belief in the West, American television host and director Steve Harvey has stated that Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, and other African musicians have not plagiarized American music.
This was revealed by the comedian in a recent episode of his TV program.
Steve says that African beats, rhythm, and soul are the source of inspiration for the West, particularly for Americans.

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