Soldier allegedly shoots villagers to death in Plateau while celebrating his birthday

A soldier in Plateau State’s Marish Community in Bokkos Local Government Area is accused of killing a villager while celebrating his birthday.

According to Farmasum Fuddang, head of the Bokkos Cultural Development Council Vanguard, the soldier accidently squeezed the trigger at a community leisure center, resulting in the villager’s death.

Farmasum added that the cruel conduct committed by the trigger-happy soldier took place on Monday evening.

According to him, the soldier opened fire at random during his birthday celebration.

He claimed that instead of admitting to the accidental discharge, the sufferer was labeled a militant along with residents who attempted to save the passerby’s life.

Burna Boy’s Day was observed on March 2nd in US City

We strongly condemn the perpetrator’s desperate attempt to conceal the murder by falsely labeling innocent bystanders and citizens who attempted to save his life by bringing him to the hospital as militants,” he said.

“This deceitful action has resulted in mass arrests and is an egregious affront to justice and humanity.”

The group is calling for quick and decisive action by military and state authorities to apprehend and prosecute the implicated personnel, as well as the prompt release of those jailed in connection with the victim’s rescue.

However, Major Samson Zhakom, the Media and Information Officer for Operation Safe Haven, told Channels Television that military authorities are handling the situation and that a decision would be made soon.

The Plateau State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Barrister Philemon Daffi, however, stated that his office has yet to receive a complaint from the group.

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