Busan: Darren Aronofsky Condemns Harvey Weinstein’s Behavior: ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘Unlawful,’ ‘Disgusting’

 Darren Aronofsky responded to a question from Variety about the Harvey Weinstein scandal at the Busan International Film festival on Thursday, saying: “Sexual abuse of any type anywhere is unacceptable, it is unlawful, it is disgusting and it needs to be battled by everyone — men and women have to have absolutely no tolerance for it.”
Aronofsky was speaking ahead of the gala screening of his polarising film ‘Mother” at the festival. Recently, Weinstein was fulsome in his praise for the film, describing it as “brilliant”.
Responding to a question about criticisms that he pushes his female actors too far, Aronofsky said, “I push male actors as much as I push female actors, there’s no difference. Mickey Rourke gets butchered in the movie. Jared Leto loses an arm, Natalie Portman dances to her death. I am interested in humans, and humanity. And I have always been less attracted to making movies with so-called Hollywood endings where things end up pretty at the end. Because I don’t know that’s the only way to talk about reality. And I think cinema should reflect all types of reality.
“Tragedy is an ancient human form of theater that really hasn’t found its place. Yet I find it incredibly invigorating, by showing the darkness, by showing the caution, by holding a reflection up to ourselves is actually where you find the light.
“People do horrible things to each other. You read it in any newspaper from beginning to end. If you look past the words on the page and actually read what’s actually going on, it’s much worse than anything that happens in ‘mother!’ or any of my films. What we should be attacking is when violence is fetishized and not treated truthfully. That’s a pet peeve of mine. You often see violence in movies and there are no repercussions to it. And it is disgusting because it is not just teaching adults, it is teaching our children the wrong thing. We do the same thing with sex in our movies.
“It’s a real cultural problem we have where we say shooting guns is fine but showing passion between two consensual humans is a problem.”

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