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Prepare these eight...
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Prepare these eight items before the 2024 JAMB registration period begins

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The start date for the 2024 UTME/DE form sales has been set for January 15th, 2024. It will last till February 26th, 2024. Given this, prospective UTME candidates must be aware of what is expected of them and have all of the necessary documents ready before the registration period begins. Early preparation is one of the keys to a successful registration and success in any UTME.

1. Obtain your National Identification Number (NIN): A NIN is now required for UTME/DE registration. If you do not yet have one and plan to register for the UTME/DE, we recommend that you get one as soon as possible. We previously presented a step-by-step approach for obtaining NIN. So, if you haven't already, go to this page: NIN Application Guidelines and follow the requirements to receive yours.

2. Prepare a Registered Phone Number for Profile Code Generation: Just before the registration process begins, candidates must produce a profile code by sending their NIN via a registered phone number to a designated shortcode. Candidates must therefore ensure that they have a legitimate and registered phone line for this reason. All subsequent SMS updates from JAMB will be delivered to that phone number as well. So candidates should have a personal and registered phone line, preferably an MTN line if they do not already have one.

3. Get a free email address; What if you misplace your phone number? At the very least, your email address can be used as a backup to obtain access to your profile and receive critical communications from JAMB. When completing your JAMB registration, you must utilize an email address. Obtaining an email address is simple and free. You can acquire one right now by visiting Gmail.com.

4. Know What Course You Want To Study: Now is the moment to decide, not later when you have a limited time to register for tests. One of the things you should do now, before registration begins, is to decide on the course you want to pursue. This is due to the fact that you require time to contemplate before deciding on a career/course. You should not just choose any course. It must be a course in which you are interested as well as academically qualified. Please keep in mind that alternate (2nd choice) courses should be considered for a successful registration and a better probability of admission.

5. Know the School You Want to Apply to: Just like choosing a course, you should know the institution you want to apply to ahead of time. Your criterion for selecting one should be based on whether the school provides the course you want to study, the school's entrance requirements, the school fees, and any personal preferences such as location, etc. Please keep in mind that for a successful registration, you should have the option of attending a polytechnic or a college of education.
6. Know the subject combination for your course: Once you've chosen your course and institution, you have to know the subject combination used to gain admission to study the course in that institution. Many students make the mistake of choosing the wrong subject combinations for their course. Once you make a mistake in this step, you just won't be given admission. If you want to avoid any form of mistake, use "The JAMB Brochure", to see the required subject combination for the various courses before registration begins. Remember, that choosing the wrong one can jeopardize your chances of gaining admission. Be wise!!!
7. Ask for Guidance: If for any reason you are confused and need guidance regarding the choice of course or school, UTME/O'level subject combination etc, you can make use of the "Ask A Question" section of our website. We have a community of scholars who will do their best to provide valuable answers to your questions. You are however required to provide relevant details to be able to get the right answers. Also, we now have a WhatsApp group where JAMB 2024 candidates or prospective students of a particular school can ask questions, 
8Start Studying Now: Finally, start studying now and don't just study hard, learn to study smart. By now you should know that a good number of JAMB past questions are repeated every year. 
When UTME registration opens, we will publish it here on Myschool and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete your registration successfully.

Stay prepared until then!


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