Funke Akindele: D’banj gave me money to start the “Jenifa” brand with no conditions attached

Funke Akindele, a Nollywood actress and producer, has discussed the influence that superstar Nigerian singer D’banj had on her acting career.
Speaking at D’banj’s 20-year music industry anniversary dinner on Friday night in Lagos, Funke reportedly claimed that God had used the “Koko” master to assist her in creating the “Jenifa” brand. This information is sourced from Naija News.

The highest-grossing director claims that D’banj gave her financial help to launch her ‘Jenifa’ brand of movies, which catapulted her into stardom.

She declared, “I was out there, and people were celebrating me, after the big break with ‘Jenifa.'” I was then invited to a club by its owner. “I want to host you,” he said. You work so hard. “Jenifa” is my favorite. Bring the members of your cast and crew.

I saw D’banj for the first time when we went. I felt like a movie star. He responded, “I am here to celebrate you,” nevertheless. After our dance, he offered me his phone number.After leading me to a peaceful area, he asked, “Why did you let ‘Jenifa’ go like that?” You can eat from that brand for the remainder of your life.

“What’s this guy saying?” I thought to myself. It was me who was making Yoruba films. “No,” he replied, “Jenifa” needs to return. Please contact me, and I will assist you in any way I can. He responded to my message by saying, “When you have a brand, you feed on the brand.” You profit handsomely from the brand by properly milking it.

“Go and write another ‘Jenifa,’ I support you with this money,” he added, handing me some cash. I thought, ‘Really? No obligations? “No,” he replied. We filmed “The Return of Jenifa” in this manner. And the brand is still relevant today. We are bringing “Everybody Loves Jenifa” to Christmas 2024.

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