I Had To Do Hairstyles That Would Cover It – Denrele Edun Opens Up About His Battle With Facial Stroke

According to Denrele, the illness altered his appearance and forced him to choose hairstyles that concealed it. During an interview with Channels Television, he discussed his health challenges.

The crossdresser reported trouble breathing, poor vision, paralysis in his right leg, and frontal hair loss as a result of the stroke.
The popular artist stated that when he was suffering the stroke, a buddy invited him to a movie shoot, but he chose to go rather than accept sympathy or disclose his sickness.

According to him, “I was really sick at the time, and I had just recovered from a stroke on half of my face. It had never happened before, yet it did not halt or discourage me from working.

My face was drooping, and I was left-handed, so on the right side. Every time I had to sip water, it would flow out, leaving one eye open, preventing me from hearing or breathing. All of my haircuts hid that side, so you couldn’t tell.

“After that, another onslaught sprang out of nowhere. On this one, I couldn’t walk since my right leg was damaged, and I had lost half of my hair. My friend invited me to do a cameo appearance in her film around that time, and I don’t like pity, so I couldn’t tell her I was sick and couldn’t act well.”

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