Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Her Poor Eyesight

In a video posted to her Instagram page on Friday, the Afrobeat music artist revealed that she has had vision problems for the past three years.

According to the ‘Overload’ singer, her vision becomes fuzzy when she attempts to read, and the problem has increased in recent months.

The singer stated that she discovered she could scarcely see text messages or anything in small letters, prompting her to visit an optician in London, where a glass was advised for her.

She stated, “Guys, over the last two or three years, I’ve noticed that I’ve been squinting a lot and that when I read something, it becomes hazy.

And in recent months, I’ve discovered that I occasionally have to screen grab a message before returning to my camera and zooming. So when I was in London, I said, “Let me go see the optician.”

“So my long vision is okay for now, although not great; but my short sight (shakes her head). Literally, I will be in a restaurant and unable to read the menu.

“But for the time being, your girl has returned, and you know I needed to treat myself, so I purchased a cartel pair because ABG does not play. Do I still seem sexy?

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