“I Have a Lot of Boys Who Serve Me Sexually.” – Korra Obidi

Diligent Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, who is currently residing in the United States, has stated that she currently values her financial security over her love connections.
Korra said this in a recent podcast interview on “Heroe’s Diary,” according to Naija News.

The dancer emphasized that she has other boys that meet her sexual demands and that she is not looking for a serious commitment.

Speaking on her well-publicized split from Justin Dean, the father of her two children, Obidi asked those who were stuck on her previous union to let go of it.

“Serious Nigerian woman, the man becomes my life when I marry him,” she stated. I’m now attempting to channel that energy toward earning money in order to avoid becoming homeless again, as I did. I must put my attention on the money since I am certain that no one will come to my aid in a shining knight suit.

“I have a public service announcement to make. There are other people who got married in Nigeria besides myself. My marriage was private, in actuality. You folks just saw one Instagram post that said, “Korra is taken.” The marriage is presently being carried by you people to tie my legs.

“Please go away from me; it’s been two years since my divorce. Like a dollar bill, I am unmarried. Furthermore, I’m not looking. There are lots of boys that work for me.

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