“You Can Go Viral With It”: Actress Cindy Okafor Shares Her Secret to Success

Cindy Okafor, a Nollywood actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, has shown on her social media channels how individuals can succeed in life without being nudists.
Following the disturbing trend of excessive display of nudity for the purpose of fame and originality, the reality star tossed up the concept.

Cindy asserted via her Instagram story that anyone may succeed in life without baring their bodies.

She continued by advising those who want to become famous and go viral to use their skills or creativity rather than relying just on nudity.

‘Excessive nudity all around. Oh my gosh, using an excessively open body isn’t the only way to succeed or go viral; talent and inventiveness are also options. She bemoaned.

On-Set Actress Is Playfully Mocked by Kanayo O. Kanayo
In the meantime, veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo sparked humorous responses after making fun of a young woman he was working with on a film.

The well-known actor is seen standing behind a young girl who recorded their humorous moment in the video that he posted on Instagram.

The woman identified Kanayo O. Kanayo as her on-set boyfriend throughout the film, and Kanayo appeared to agree.

However, the movie celebrity didn’t hesitate to make a demeaning remark to the woman.

“My girlfriend with this your mgbeke (basic) maiden outfit,” he stated.

However, Kanayo quickly lifted the woman’s spirits by praising her effort, which made her smile once more.

“Always a good time filming,” KOK commented upon sharing the video.

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