Ime Udoka, an NBA coach, will be disciplined for his relationship with a female colleague

Ime Udoka, the head coach of the Bolton Celtics, is currently being punished for having an intimate, consensual relationship with a lady who works for the Boston Celtics.

The incident is anticipated to result in a significant punishment for the Boston Celtics head coach.

ESPN claims that on Wednesday, this information was made known to them by their sources.

A decision on the suspension’s duration is anticipated to be made as soon as Thursday because the relationship was deemed to be against the organization’s rules.

Although a final decision has not been reached, sources stated that internal conversations have considered contingencies that would keep Udoka out for the full 2022–23 season.

Ime Udoka who is a Nigerian-American professional basketball coach and a former basketball player for the Nigerian National team is engaged to the multiple award winning actress Nia Long, they have one child together.

“It isn’t believed that Udoka’s job is in jeopardy, Joe Mazzulla would likely be in serious consideration for an interim role,”  sources told ESPN.

According to ESPN Stats & Information analysis, Udoka succeeded Brad Stevens as the Celtics’ head coach in June 2021. He also made postseason history by becoming the first rookie coach to win multiple games.

Ime Udoka, a former D’Tigers forward, brilliantly handled the Boston Celtics’ entry into the NBA championships for the first time in 12 years. He is the first Nigerian head coach in NBA history and the 18th in the Celtics franchise’s history.

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