In the Ojo neighborhood of Lagos State, soldiers from the 81 Division killed a police officer by beating him to death

Major Olaniyi Osoba, the acting deputy director of 81 Division Public Relations, verified the event on Friday.

Major Osoba issued a statement saying, “The 81 Division’s attention has been attracted to a narrative online about the tragic incident that occurred between some soldiers and cops near Ojo in Lagos and resulted in the loss of a police officer.”

“To fix the issue, the Division is already in contact with the Lagos State Police Command. In light of the Division’s attitude and zero tolerance for any misbehavior, this situation is deeply regretful.

He claims that a Board of Inquiry has been established by the Division to investigate the occurrence.

Anyone found to be responsible would be subjected to the full force of the disciplinary rules at the conclusion of the investigation, he continued.

As a result, the Division wants to express its condolences to the Ojo Police Division and the victim’s family.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, also verified the event.

He wrote on Friday, “We are working with Nigerian army authorities to fix this situation; and bring back our officer, weaponry, and ammo still there.” “Rest in peace, our slain hero. You did not need to pass away at all.

While neither the Police nor the Army officials have provided specifics, several sources indicate that the soldiers were their route to a program at the Ojo Military Cantonment on Wednesday when the event occurred.

According to reports, the troops’ bus, which they were traveling in, became backed up in traffic near the Lagos Badagry Expressway’s Trade Fair section. The troops exited the bus and challenged the policeman after realizing that the bottleneck was being caused by officers trying to clear a path for a truck driver to connect to the Expressway.

An dispute ensued, and it is said that the soldiers took some of the police officers to the barracks where they killed one of them by beating and torturing him.

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Bad system in Nigeria

Bad system in Nigeria

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