Actress Laide Bakare calls out President Tinubu (Video)

Nigeria has never been this bad, please look into the state of the nation , Laide Bakare, a well-known personality in Nollywood, expressed her worries about the current problems that the country is facing in a recent video. She addressed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu specifically, highlighting the urgent problems facing the nation.

Laide Bakare claimed in the video posted on her verified Instagram profile today, February 19, 2024, that Nigeria has not been that horrible and urged the president to look into the matter more quickly and come up with a solution.

Speaking later in the video, Laide Bakare claimed that because people are not given the right to live in their own country, kidnapping is on the rise in the nation.

Actress Laide Bakare goes against Tinubu for taking away the subsidy, emphasizing that his behavior on his first day back in office as Nigeria’s president made matters worse and horrendous.

Laide Bakare continued her speech by saying that the price of gasoline is aggressively rising virtually every time, which exacerbates the situation for the populace.

As the country’s currency, the Naira, continues to decline in value relative to other international currencies, the actor also observed that the people are really irate and are not even grinning at all as a result of the rising costs of products and services.

Laide Bakare, bewildered by the nation’s suffering, questioned Nigerians on if the country can ever be good given the character of its leaders. “Can Nigeria get any better like this? People are so angry because of hardship. What’s the plan of action?” she said.
Telling President Tinubu to find means to an unending intense suffering in the country, Laide Bakare wrote; “ITS Actually NOT happy New week Abeg 😡which way to go? @officialasiwajubat pls look into state of the nation🙏 Nigeria has never been this Bad #stateofthenation #Nigeria.”

watch the video with below link IG Account.

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