Kano: Police Warn Troublemakers and Condemn Emir Sanusi’s Booing

The Kano State Police Command denounced on Monday those who jeered Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II’s entourage upon his return to his palace following Eid prayers.
In a statement released in Kano by the command’s spokesperson, SP Abdullahi Kiyawa, the command voiced its disapproval.

According to him, the incident happened because the Emir followed his religious duty and chose a different route.

He expressed regret that he was jeered by some unknown individuals near Festival Primary School and the Zage/Zango districts.

“At this time, the police command is keeping an eye on the entire Sallah events to make sure law and order is upheld and sufficient security measures are in place to address any potential security threats,” he stated.

Accordingly, the police command is cautioning anyone planning to disturb the peace or cause mayhem during the celebration of Sallah to avoid the state.

The spokesperson went on to say that enough security had been put in place at the present to apprehend anyone trying to undermine law and order.

The public was issued a warning by the police not to carry weapons both before and after the celebration, as anyone caught doing so would face severe consequences.

According to Kiyawa, “To ensure a peaceful celebration, rigorous stop-and-search operations and patrols are ongoing in all Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the metropolitan area.”

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