Toke Makinwa Slams X User Over Unauthorized Child Marking

Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian media star, has slammed an X user who criticized her comment about the use of tribal marks on children as a form of identity.
Toke detailed an experience with a gorgeous influencer with tribal marks in a post on her X handle, and she was moved to reconsider the pain that the tradition of ‘Tribal Marks’ has inflicted on people.

Toke stated that tagging children without their consent is horrible, and she is grateful that practice has been banned.

She wrote, “Today, I saw a lovely beauty influencer with tribal marks, and it made me think about the pain that civilization inflicted on us. Marking a child without his or her consent as a means of identifying is evil; I understand our parents didn’t know any better, but damnnnn!!!!
Thank God it has been removed.

My grandmother also had tribal marks. Some on her face and arms; I wonder what life was like when she was younger walking around with it, but I’m sure a lot of people around her did as well, but thank God it’s now canceled.”
In response to the post, an X user with the handle Alaba_beverly disputed Toke’s assertions, stating, “Tribal marks and tattoos, what’s the difference?” Tattoos are modernized tribal markings.

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