Mobad’s Wife Confirms DNA Test Readiness, Provides Conditions

Mobad’s Wife Confirms DNA Test Readiness, Provides Conditions
Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, revealed the newest development during an Instagram live session on Thursday.

Earlier this week, a police source revealed that the Lagos State Police Command instructed Mohbad’s father to pick up the late singer’s body from the mortuary, but he refused.

According to the source, Mohbad’s father is demanding that a DNA test be performed before the burial, citing a family issue.

However, in response to Mohbad’s aunt, who called her out earlier this week for interfering in the singer’s family matter, Iyabo Ojo stated that she spoke with Wunmi about the need for a DNA test.

Nobody, even Mobad’s father’s lawyer, had contacted Wunmi or her lawyer to bring her seven-month-old baby, Liam, to the DNA test, according to the movie star.

Wunmi, according to Iyabo Ojo, is ready for the DNA test at any moment if those demanding for it are willing to pay, and that it must be conducted both in Nigeria and overseas.

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