Don Jazzy Tells Controversial X User, Daniel Regha, “Let Me Adopt You”

Don Jazzy, a well-known Nigerian singer and record producer, has responded to prominent controversial social media commenter Daniel Regha after the latter urged him to adopt a child.
Regha, using his X account, urged the founder and CEO of Mavin Records to consider adopting children if he does not want to marry.

The commentator supported the Mavin boss’s decision not to marry, but underlined the need of him considering adoption to ensure his legacy lives on.

He stated that Don Jazzy’s primary responsibility at the moment should be to become a father, and he urged that adoption be seriously considered.Regha wrote on his X account, “Don Jazzy not being married isn’t an issue, not everyone fancy marriage.”

But he should at least adopt a child who will maintain and carry on his legacy long after he is gone.

“Being a father should be one of his top priorities right now, and adopting is always an option.” Please accept my apologies.”

Regha’s advice did not sit well with Don Jazzy, who suggested that he adopt him (Regha) instead.

“Let me adopt you, Daniel, because you lack a father figure in your life,” Don Jazzy responded. A real annoyance.”

Why I’m Not Pressuring Don Jazzy, 40, to Get Married – Father
Collins Enebeli Ajereh, the father of Don Jazzy, a well-known Nigerian record producer and music entrepreneur, previously explained why he is not forcing his 40-year-old son to marry.

Don Jazzy married Michelle Jackson in 2003, but the marriage ended roughly two years later due to his ambitious career.

In a recent TVC interview, Ajereh stated that he would not force Don Jazzy to remarry, emphasizing that marriage is a personal decision.

He confirmed that his son had previously been married, but that he and his estranged wife had opted to divorce.

Don Jazzy’s father also denied that the record producer’s decision to remain single was due to the nature of his job.

“He [Don Jazzy] was married,” he explained. But they [he and his ex-wife] chose to divorce.”

When asked if he still believed Don Jazzy will remarry, Ajereh replied, “Well, that is his choice.” The decision to marry is a personal one. Some people choose marriage, while others do not and yet have connections that may bloom into what completes their lives.”

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