Iyabo Ojo lashes out at a troll who claims to be desperate for Paul Okoye, saying, “Go and kill yourself”

Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, responded harshly to a troll who implied that she was desperate for her partner and now music producer, Paul Okoye.
The actress shared a lovely piece of art that someone had produced for them on her Instagram page, showing how much they appreciated it.

Iyabo Ojo declared her love for Paulo in the caption for the photo, writing, “Forever is the deal @paulo2014.”

A troll, though, asserted that the actress is infatuated with Paulo because the latter seldom ever expresses his love for her on social media or returns the gesture.

Iyabo Ojo was advised by the troll to use caution and gradually build her friendship with Paulo.

The troll commented, “This woman is so desperate, this man has never said this for once, every time forever is the deal.” Nne biko, please slow down. You are dealing with an Igbo man, therefore let’s say he does all these things in obedience to what you do. No, eternity ni not forever

“You can hide my comments or block me all you want, but I’ll always tell you the truth, no matter when it happens. I admire Iyabo, no question, but I don’t like how desperate she is for this man.

She reiterated her position, adding that she can go kill herself, unfazed by the troll thespian’s remark.


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