Mr. Ibu’s Daughter and Sons Arrested for Donating N300 Million to a Dying Actor

Stella Maris, the wife of ill Nollywood star John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, is said to have detained his adopted daughter, Jasmine, and his sons over medical care funds.
Doris Ogala, a Nollywood actress, announced this on her Instagram page on Wednesday night.

According to the actor, Jasmine and Ibu’s boys were seized and imprisoned at the Alagbon Police Station in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Doris claims that Mr Ibu’s wife detained Jasmine for allegedly transferring N300 million from the actor’s bank account.

She claimed Stella is seeking that a new house be purchased using money donated to the injured star; however, an investigation revealed that the money provided did not amount to N300 million.

“Jasmine and Ibu’s” she wrote.

Ibu’s wife claimed that Jasmine took $300 million from the account where Ibu’s wife wanted them to buy her a new house with the money provided so far for Ibu’s treatments. That is why she detained Jasmine. However, according to the inquiry, the money given is not even close to $300 million.”

Mr. Ibu’s Wife and Adopted Daughter Fight

Meanwhile, Stella Marris recently expressed her outrage over the millions of Naira contributed to her husband.

This comes just a few days after reports circulated online that Stella is placing unwarranted demands on well-meaning Nigerians for donations to care for her husband’s health.

Stella was also accused of seeking to siphon funds contributed for Mr Ibu’s treatment in order to fund her extravagant lifestyle and acquire a brand-new automobile for personal use.

Stella, on the other hand, branded the claim as malicious in an Instagram statement on Monday, stating that Jasmine Chioma Okeke, the ailing actor’s adoptive daughter, was spreading rumors about her.

She also claimed that there was a scheme to force her out of the marriage and that she would deal with Jasmine’s excessive intervention in her family issues and other connected problems when the time came.

Mr Ibu’s wife further claimed that Jasmine covertly controls the bank account where donations are sent, stating that she was fabricating false claims against her in order to get complete control of the account.

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