Mr. Macaroni recalls their first encounter and claims that the Timeless concert was similar to a movie

Award-winning comedian and campaigner Debo Adebayo, often known as Mr. Macaroni, has described his first encounter with Davido, a singer from Nigeria.

The sketch creator said on Instagram that he first met Davido in 2020 and told the singer right away how his father, Deji Adeleke, was their first Elder in SDA Magodo.

He continued by revealing how the singer’s father showed him love and care by buying him his very first laptop, which he used for school.

Mr. Macaroni admitted that when Davido asked him inside his home, he wasn’t ready for the singer’s answer.

Mr. Macaroni compared the Timeless concert to a movie while speaking about it.

He yelled, “Omo! There was a movie yesterday! A priceless moment to treasure forever!!! When I first met Davido in 2020, I informed him that his father, Dr. Deji Adeleke, had served as our first elder in the SDA in Magodo at the time, and that his father had also given me my first laptop, which I had used for academic purposes. I kept contacting him from school asking him to send me money, and he never refused or blocked my number. Davido ordered “Make we dey go my house” on that particular day. So if you saw me bouncing in any way yesterday, it wasn’t because I wasn’t happy or joyful. Beyond Davido’s kind spirit, his music makes me feel better.

@torec call me a million times and I will answer!!! Queen of the @kie_kie Thank you for always making it easy!!!!”.

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