Nollywood Actress Discloses Her Virginity After Giving Birth

Sonia Ogiri, a well-known actress from Nigeria, has shared on social media how she maintains her virginity despite having a child.

In light of Destiny Etiko’s virginity claims, the mother of one recently revealed that she is still virgin and explained how this is possible.

Sonia claims that since getting pregnant and giving birth, she has not engaged in any sexual activity.

She explained that she has no idea how she got pregnant and that “cortisol and adrenaline” are to thank for her virginity still being completely intact.
“I still have no idea what it’s like to have sex with a man. I became pregnant despite the fact that “I don’t know how it happened,” and my virginity is still completely intact.

Cortisol and adrenaline have made me remain a virgin,” she wrote

The Response of Destiny Etiko To Being A Virgin
Actress Destiny Etiko has responded to claims that she is a virgin at the age of 33.

As previously reported by Naija News, the actress allegedly claimed to be a virgin during an interview with Oak TV.
According to the report, the actress stated that her terrible social anxiety was the reason she stayed celibate.

I’m still a virgin because of my extreme social anxiety, she supposedly said. I’ve still never been in a relationship that progressed to that point.
However, in a recent video posted to her social media website, Etiko refuted virginity allegations and dismissed accusations that she had given interviews about her sexual life.

She went on to lash out at the rumor mongers for chasing clout with her name. She expressed disgust at being labelled as a virgin, of all things.

She questioned why they were referring to her with such a ridiculous term when they could have called her a billionaire.

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