Nollywood Actress Hilda Dokubo: The Government Abuses Nigerians

Nigerians have been battling a hike in food items and essential commodities, leading to protests in some parts of the country.

In an interview with PUNCH, Hilda Dokubo described the rate of insecurity and hunger in the country as shameful, noting that the politicians assume life is easy because of the heavy security personnel with them.

“Abuse is inevitable when the essence of something is unknown,” the woman declared. And that’s just what we’re experiencing at the moment. There is abuse of Nigerians. We forget that some other countries have oil and their residents do not pay as much (for gasoline and diesel) as we do when we are compared to nations without crude oil. It would have been OK if the government had provided us with the standard of living experienced by those with whom they are comparing us. Children up to the age of six can receive free medical care in such nations. They essentially receive free, high-quality education.

They also have effective policies. Speaking openly does not equate to being labeled as an enemy. However, what have we got here? Is it secure?

Nigeria has an embarrassingly high level of insecurity. How do we operate? How is the country’s nightlife doing? Because they travel with twenty police officers and bodyguards, these politicians believe their lives are simple. Why do they not go by themselves? They are aware of how dangerous the nation is, so they won’t take that action.

“The majority of entertainers and everyone else in the nighttime economy find nothing humorous about the situation.”

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