I made N15,000 a month as a dry cleaner and sold bedbug killer – Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter, a Nigerian comedian, has pondered on his rise to popularity, recounting how he used to earn N15,000 per month three years ago.
Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, 28, revealed that he worked as a laundry worker during that time period.

“My salary in 2020 was $15,000.” “By 2021, it would have more than doubled to 30k,” he told HipTv.

“I was working in a laundry after just getting admission,” he added of his 2020 employment. Along with the laundry job, I experimented with many other projects.”

His entrepreneurial path, however, did not begin after graduation. He was already in business in his first year, selling doughnuts before moving into other companies.

“My first year, I sold doughnuts in class,” the Imo State native explained. “In the second year, I sold bedbug killer at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), and in my third year, I drove to school.”

Brain Jotter made a hit in 2020 when he began publishing short comedic routines on Instagram.

Despite the fact that his videos have brought him to household renown, Brain Jotter is not slowing down.

“I can’t go five days without working since my video went viral.” “I’ve been restless since that day,” he explained.

“This restlessness, combined with the experience of earning little money, has taught me to value the value of my purchases,” Brain Jotter asserted.

Chukwuebuka has some words of advise for his supporters and the wider public based on his lowly beginnings.

“We need to be careful about the dreams we ask God for because back then, my dream was to rent a self-contained apartment and own a tricycle for carrying passengers,” he explained.

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