Teni learned Yoruba by watching YouTube videos

Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, a popular singer, has revealed that she learned how to speak Yoruba from YouTube.
Despite the fact that her parents are Yoruba, the singer learned to speak the language by watching Yoruba movies on YouTube while living in America.

The disclosure was revealed by the 31-year-old on a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast.

“Do you know how I learned to speak Yoruba?” she said. It was during my trip to America. I discovered it on YouTube. I was obsessed with Yoruba cinema.”

Teni also said in the interview that she began consuming alcohol in 2021.She previously stated that she did not use alcohol or smoke.The singer went on to say that she started consuming alcohol “for fun.”

Teni Discusses Her Battle With A Life-Threatening Infection
Meanwhile, Teni has spoken up about being diagnosed with a potentially fatal throat illness in July while working on her second album.

Teni revealed this in an Instagram post, describing her struggle with a throat illness and temporary vocal loss.

The “Uyo Me Yo” singer said that her doctor advised her to get surgery to avoid permanently losing her voice.

The singer also said that she was hospitalized to a medical facility in September 2023 due to tiredness.

Teni expressed gratitude to God for her recovery, saying she was able to regain her voice after seeking medical help, despite not undergoing surgery as previously indicated by a doctor.

“I was diagnosed with a life-threatening throat infection while recording my second album ‘Tears of the Sun’ in July 2023,” she explained.

“Following several bouts of temporary voice loss, my doctors advised me to have a major operation or risk permanent voice loss.” After experiencing frequent bouts of tiredness, I was admitted to the hospital in September 2023. In five days, I had a lot of injections.

“Despite not undergoing surgery, I mildly recovered my singing voice in October 2023 after seeking medical assistance.” I’ll be back on stage in November 2023. “My new single ‘Malaika’ is a song of praise and thanksgiving to God for his mercy and grace.”

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