On one condition, I will appear naked in a film – Ireti Doyle

Ireti Doyle, a veteran actress, has admitted that she limits the types of film jobs she accepts.
During the newest episode of Pulse’s podcast, Terms & Condition, the actress said that she can only play a naked part under one condition.

She stated that she would not participate in a naked scene for “sheer sensationalism” or “clickbait.”

She indicated that she would only go naked in a scene if the script required it.

“If you expect me to go naked in a scene, the script will have to justify it,” she says. Absolutely not for the sake of sensationalism and clickbait.

But if you’re presenting a narrative about rape or abuse or anything, and it’s something that’s required, I’m confident we can find a happy medium that allows you to accomplish the amount of realism that you desire.”

The actress also discussed the celebrity culture’s obsession with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

She believes that a BBL body is unsustainable in a business that requires people of different sizes and shapes.

“To declare that you want to work in the acting industry and hence must do BBL is your problem.

“You’ve fallen victim to a stereotype.” And then tell me, can a BBL-body-shaped person (and this isn’t about body form)…”Is it every role that body type can play?” she inquired.

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