Pictures: Regina Daniels Discusses Her Meeting With Remi Tinubu

The actress said in a post on her Instagram page that she attended the event, which was hosted by the Christian Association of Nigeria and featured the First Lady, on the 63rd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

Regina exclaimed that Remi is a true inspiration and expressed her delight at hearing her speak so passionately for her nation.
In addition, the movie actor urged Nigerians to pray for the nation while being the change they want to see.She posted pictures from the occasion and stated: “Yesterday I attended the 63rd Nigeria Independence Anniversary hosted by the Christian Association of Nigeria.

The first lady is extremely inspirational, and it makes my heart happy to hear her talk so passionately about our nation. Let us be the change we truly desire for our wonderful country Nigeria while we pray for a bigger Nigeria.

I Don’t Have A Magician For A Husband
In the meantime, Oluremi Tinubu claimed that while her husband, President Bola Tinubu, is no magician, he is dedicated to resolving the problems the country is facing during the interdenominational church service commemorating Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” was the theme of the event, which took place in Abuja.

Mrs. Tinubu stressed that the issues the current administration is facing are not its own fault; rather, they were left over from previous administrations. “The only things we have inherited are things that happened a long time ago. We are not here to criticize any administration; rather, we are here to repair what has been broken.

She emphasized the importance of good government and said that it would be most effective if people lived by the values that Jesus Christ taught, listing love, joy, peace, and others. She expressed hope for the future of Nigeria, declaring, “A Nigeria of abundance has begun, and to be part of the greatness that God has started in the nation, Nigerians must look beyond their current realities and embrace hope a new hope.”

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