Remi Tinubu Demands Early Diagnosis and Intervention on World Autism Day

Today is Autism Awareness Day, and Senator Oluremi Tinubu has advocated for early diagnosis and intervention.

The First Lady outlined the importance of early diagnosis and intervention in a statement on Tuesday, emphasizing the need to help people with autism realize their full potential.

She recommended parents and caregivers to pay more attention to autistic individuals and seek help when needed, acknowledging the difficulties involved in caring for patients and families with autism.

“I celebrate the unique strengths and creativity of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as we mark World Autism Awareness Day,” the speaker stated.

Families that have a loved one with autism may find the road difficult. I honor and appreciate their steadfast devotion and love today. I also acknowledge the vital role that community organizations play in offering opportunities, resources, and support to people with autism and their families.

In order to guarantee that people with autism fulfill their full potential, early diagnosis and intervention are essential. I implore parents and caregivers to pay attention to developmental milestones and, in the event that any issues occur, to seek professional assistance.

“By working together, we can build a society in which people are valued for their individual talents and are empowered to overcome any obstacles they may encounter in life.

“May the Federal Republic of Nigeria be blessed.

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