The Acting Part Of Me Was Copied By Portable – Terry G

Terry G, a Nigerian musician born Gabriel Oche Amanyi, has accused his colleague Portable of ripping off his “character.”
In the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, which debuted on Monday night, Terry G made this statement.

But he claimed that the Zazu crooner had not managed to imitate his musical approach.

“Portable picked the acting part of me,” he said. He didn’t choose my musical side. The instruments are what make music possible. Is your voice the sole issue? He failed to make time to pick up an instrument.

The “Akpako Master” also discussed his altercation with AY. Com, a colleague.

I created “Pass Me Ur Luv,” beat AY.Com, sung the hook, and had a verse on the song; therefore, no one has the right to stop me from playing that song at my gigs. He also didn’t reimburse me for the production work,” he added.

The World Will Burn If I Speak My Own Truth. Timaya Is Cited by Terry G for Unpaid Royalties
Terry G, a singer from Nigeria, has claimed that Timaya, a colleague, and other music producers used and dumped him.

Terry G accused Timaya of not paying the agreed-upon royalties for a song he created in a post on his Instagram page.

The singer expressed her dissatisfaction about the matter and mentioned that other artists have also voiced their concerns about comparable issues within the industry.

He continued by saying that if he discussed the music he made without receiving payment, everything would literally burn down, given the current trend of several of his colleagues speaking up on other podcasts.

“If you know I produced a song for you, the table will be used for firewood the day I talk my own,” he continued, referencing all the podcasts and musicians who have spoken up.

“I need Timaya and other publishers to pay me my 50% producer publishing royalties. Please use me as an example of how to use and dump excellence, creators everywhere. Nevertheless, I get up.

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