Drivers are cautioned by LASTMA to adhere to the speed limit on the renovated Third Mainland Bridge

On the lengthy section of the recently reconstructed Third Mainland Bridge that connects the Mainland with other areas of the state, drivers are cautioned by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) to drive at the posted speed limit.

This caution was issued on Wednesday by Mr. Olalekan Bakare Oki, the Agency’s general manager, to agency officers whose jurisdiction includes the Third Mainland Bridge operational zones.

Oki claims that the fully restored bridge is exciting and thrilling to drive on without any obstacles, since it could be too enticing and dangerous for drivers to ignore the speed limit, which could have unfavorable effects.

“Modern infrastructure has been installed by the government to help drivers navigate the entire bridge to their various destinations in a reasonable amount of time.”

The General Manager asked drivers to observe all posted speed limits and traffic signs, as well as any installed technological equipment connected to traffic.

“When utilizing the bridge and any other link roads throughout the state, motorists must be mindful of the passing of time and plan their route in advance to avoid needless overspeeding.”

He gave the driving public the assurance that in order to guarantee driver safety and prompt rescue action on the bridge, the Agency would send out more personnel, patrol cars, and recovery vehicles.

However, the General Manager issued a warning to car owners and drivers, telling them to make sure their cars are in good working order before playing the bridge. The Agency would not tolerate any preventable obstructions that could impede traffic on the flyover.

On April 4, 2024, the Federal Government plans to begin accepting traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge.

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