The Greatest Myths Regarding BBNaija Stars: Saga Exposes

Misconceptions regarding the former residents of the well-known reality TV program have been exposed by former Big Brother Naija housemate turned actor Saga.
refuted allegations that female BBNaija performers are prostitutes in an interview with PUNCH.

He claims that a lot of female reality TV stars put forth a lot of effort and work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

In addition, Saga said that a lot of the former housemates had potential and that being on BBNaija meant making a big sacrifice in order to become famous.

“The largest misconception is that every woman in BBBN is a prostitute,” he stated. That is a major fabrication. Some of them, whom I know, work quite hard for their money and are succeeding greatly. Therefore, when I hear those lies about them, I don’t enjoy it.

Additionally, there are many who believe that we lack talent, which is unfortunate because many of us are gifted.

Another myth is that people believe we did not have to make any sacrifices in order to achieve our current status. But taking part in BBN requires a lot of sacrifice on one’s behalf. Perhaps BBN isn’t for you. I occasionally tell certain folks not to go to the show since I know they won’t enjoy it. In fact, we receive gifts from fans who are moved by the sacrifices we made. Every present given to someone who appears on that show is merited.

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