US Northern Command deploys 1,000 medical personnel to New York City

US Northern Command, which oversees US military operations in North America, said it was “deploying a combined total of 1,000 Air Force and Navy medical providers to the New York City area in next 3 days,” according to a press release sent Sunday.

“Approximately 300 of these uniformed medical providers will work from the Javits Center and the rest will deploy to other area locations to expand local medical capabilities in the war against Covid-19,” the release said.

During an interview with CNN, Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke of the effort.

“The mayor and I talked as recently as Thursday. I spoke to the governor on Friday. What we plan on doing now is deploying over 1,100 additional doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to New York. The bulk of them will go to the Javits center and then as of late yesterday, we agreed to deploy a few hundred of them to 11 New York City hospitals that are also seeing a deficiency when it comes to medical staff,” Esper said on CNN Sunday morning

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