Video: I Don’t Use My Child To Make Jokes With Anyone – Bobrisky Gets A Serious Warning From Portable’s Baby Mama

Following Bobrisky’s victory as the best-dressed female at an event in Lagos state on Sunday, March 24, t Portable and she had a verbal spat.

As a result, Portable confronted the transvestite. He maintained that the medal ought to have gone to the women present at the function because Bobrisky is not a woman.

Portable then threatened to beat Bobrisky up if he went to his neighborhood disguised as a lady.

Watch the video below

A furious argument ensued between the two, during which Bobrisky cursed Portable and said the singer would “watch his children die.”

Infuriated by Bob’s remark, Honey Berry responded to the genderqueer.

The single mother said, “I don’t use my child to joke around with people,” in Yoruba. My child Akorede, Brother Bobrisky abi Sister Bobrisky, is in danger. You’ve been talking casually, as though you already know tomorrow. Address the person with whom you are at odds. Which of the following is something their child will experience? Is it because you’re a parentless person? Uncle Bobrisky, please don’t let me see you if something were to happen to my child.

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