Reaction from Basketmouth Following AY’s Reveal About 17-Year Beef (Video)

Trouble allegedly began when Basketmouth asked him to perform at a performance on his behalf and he refused to send the agreed-upon N30,000 money, claims AY.

AY claimed he contacted the organizer, who confirmed he had paid in advance of the performance. He then shared the feedback with his colleague, which led to a confrontation.

The comedian-turned-filmmaker acknowledged that he approached Basketmouth incorrectly when trying to get his money back, but he made no attempt to confront him.

On Friday, March 31, the audience during Basketmouth’s show in Europe as part of his “Unprovoked” tour asked him to remark on the 30K payment controversy.

In response, Basketmouth stated that he had made the decision to keep silent about the situation and that he did not want AY to hear from him again.

To be really honest, I would love to talk about it, but the reality is that some people may videotape it, and then it will be claimed that I answered. But to be completely honest, I hope Ay never hears from me again.

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