Davido explains why he performed at the World Cup despite losing his son

Despite the passing of his son Ifeanyi Adeleke, award-winning Nigerian artist David Adeleke, also known by his stage name Davido, has spoken out about his historic performance at the FIFA World Cup final in 2022. The “OBO crooner” admitted that he wasn’t prepared for the enormous chance in a Friday interview with Beat FM.

He claimed that after the passing of his son, he was unsure whether or not to participate in the event.

The opportunity was unusual for a vocalist, and many might never receive it in a lifetime, so he chose to take it.

Insane, in his own words. We played the official theme song for the FIFA draw, which took place around a year ago. I believe there were at least 5, 6, but it was the first. The atmosphere was cool at the time, but I didn’t really think, “Oh, they’re going to invite me back to do the World Cup,” or anything like.

Later on, as the World Cup drew near, I believe they started communicating with my management, saying things like, “Well, we want David to come down.” But I was always asking myself, “Is it the important one?” How about the primary one? It wasn’t until about a week before I left for Qatar that I even realized it was the primary one.

Later, a month after my kid passed away, they sent a message saying, “Well, it’s the actual major event and we have to arrive a week before to practice.

That was simply like, “Ah! Do I need to do it? But then I realized that this is a chance that might not come around again, and other individuals may never even receive it in their entire career. I thought, “Wow, I bet my son would want me to do that.” Okay, I’ll probably finish this one, then simply vanish once more, I thought.

“So we flew to Qatar and landed. The production, my brother, seemed to indicate that we had done no labor at all. Hey, that performance shook us up, so we’re going to be doing some insane things when we start performing again. Wonderful experience. Salute to the incredibly loving Qatari people.

Very loving, caring people. They took care of us the whole time. I feel like that was one of the best places I could have gone after what happened to me.”

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