Wife of Popular BBNaija Star: “Our Marriage Was Scam, I Have Reported My Husband To EFCC.”

Kess and his wife have been at odds over claims of infidelity and amorous liaisons with Christy O, a colleague.

Della claimed in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday night that she was ignorant that her husband had applied for BBNaija and that she was unconcerned about their child’s death following his departure from Biggie House.

Della added that the US Embassy and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, or EFCC, had also received reports about Kess.

She claimed that Kess married her for money and documents.

“Kess has an addiction to women,” she declared. He refused to show me the audition tape when I eventually learned that he had submitted an application for #BBNaija.

He was upset with me after the show because he felt that he should have won and I made him lose out.

“He stated the marriage was finished, and he didn’t care if our baby died.

“Even if Kess filed for a visa, he would never be allowed to enter the United States of America again because the EFCC has been informed and the US embassy counsel has placed a red flag on his name.

“On October 1, I was with the police chief and the attorney for the US embassy.they helped me with my case and I will have to come back to Nigeria to start the process because I have requested for the 45,000 dollars which I spent on Kess to be reimbursed because it was a scam of a marriage.

I spent $45,000 on him, and every time he called me and said, “Baby, I’m broke, send me money to your UBA account,” he continued to send money to Christy O.

“I did everything for him, including paying his mother’s rent. I sent the N1.5 million from his account and wrote there, “I got a house for us here for his arrival, I pay 3500 dollars a month, he said he wants a range rover, so I got it for him.”

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