Your Commitment To Success Must Not Waiver, Makinde Tells Appointees

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has challenged his political aides to be committed to the efforts of his administration to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of the state.

He made the demand on Sunday in his closing remarks at the end of a two- day executive retreat for members of his cabinet and senior aides at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, the state capital.

“For our permanent secretaries and political office holders, it still remains ‘soldier go, soldier come’ but the barrack remains.

“How many governors have you seen their backs? You will see the back of this government too. But your commitment to the success of this administration must not waiver,” the governor was quoted as saying in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Taiwo Adisa.

A Fair System

Governor Makinde further stressed the need for political appointees and top officials of the state civil service to work in harmony.

He stated that collective responsibility must be the watchword for success to be achieved and gave assurance that the civil servants would be empowered to do their job but not without accountability.

The governor said, “We are making a pact with you that the current administration will empower you. We will give you those responsibilities. We will give you the authority to carry them out but we demand from you accountability.”

“I know that the pertinent question that is probably agitating your mind right now is that, will the system be fair to you? I make bold to say that, under my watch, absolutely.

“So, my appeal to everybody is, come with me, let us create a new prosperous Oyo State together and God will help us,” he added.


Development Agenda

On measures being put in place to develop the state, Governor Makinde explained that his administration has a 20-year agenda to save Oyo from underwhelming performances.

He acknowledged the efforts of past governments but insisted that his administration was setting a high bar for development objectives.

Governor Makinde said, “We have been underachieving for many years … within the shortest possible time, we have to put in place a strategic development plan for Oyo State.

“Administrations have come and gone but operated on ad-hoc basis; we will put in place a 15 to 20-year Development plan for Oyo State. We will be bullish about our development plans.”

The governor further clarified, “Of course, according to the mandate right now it is for four years. So, what I mean is, we have to put up a plan or vision in which successive administrations won’t really need to go back and do the hard work again.

“We will do the hard work, and I have a feeling that we used to have some authentic heroes amongst us here. Because when we are done, maybe the leadership of the next administration is here with us.  So, we should not take anything for granted.”

Your Commitment To Success Must Not Waiver, Makinde Tells Appointees

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