Zamfara Lawmaker Weds 105 Orphans in Lavish Ceremony

Abdulmalik Zubairu, the legislator for Zamfara State’s Maru/Bungudu Federal Constituency, has married off 105 orphans whose parents were murdered by armed bandits in the state.

Prominent figures from within and beyond the state attended the event, which was held on Saturday in Bungudu town, the administrative center of the state’s Bungudu Local Government Area.

In Northern Nigeria, mass weddings are a frequent custom meant to assist parents who, because of financial difficulties, cannot afford to marry away their daughters.

Nonetheless, there have been many critiques of the tradition in recent years.

Zubairu has funded the orphans’ wedding in spite of the recent criticism.

Both the brides and the grooms were gorgeously dressed during the event which attracted the attention of thousands of people.

The groom men
Five-year-old Aisha, an orphan from Zamfara State’s Bungudu Local Government Area, told Channels Television that she was not coerced into marrying her partner.

Halima, another orphan from the same local government, expressed the same feelings.

“I chose to be married; no one made me do it. I offer prayers for everyone who has this chance as well as for those who do not. I would advise them to pursue marriage.
“It’s my decision, we appreciate this gesture, and may Almighty God reward him abundantly,” Halima stated.

Another groom, 20-year-old Jamilu Adamu, told Channels Television that he had the option of choosing his bride.

I will treat my wife with respect because I chose her on my own and we are in love, which is why I chose her as my wife.

Speaking at the event, Hon. Zubairu acknowledged his awareness of the suffering endured by people whose parents were murdered by bandits.
In the past year, he claimed to have given over 5,000 kids scholarships while serving as a federal legislator for his district.

“My constituents face numerous challenges, including financial instability, but we have implemented certain projects to enhance their well-being with the divine assistance of Almighty God.”

“We have constructed schools and hospitals, and we have given more than 5,000 students scholarships in a single year, demonstrating our commitment to education.”

105 females are getting married today, and nearly all of them have lost either their mother or father. Therefore, we are aware of the obligations parents had to fulfill with the marriage issue based on tradition and religious principles. Thus, we step in and give these couples assistance.

The congressman gave the wedded couples mattresses and beds in addition to N10.5 million that was paid as dowry for 105 brides.

In order to help the 105 bridegrooms launch the businesses of their dreams, Honorable Zubairu has also given each of the 105 grooms the sum of N50,000 and N100,000.

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