Zuma’s MK party prepares to lead South Africa’s opposition alliance

Former South African President Jacob Zuma’s party, uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), is preparing to join an alliance of various opposition parties in what appears to be a new force in an effort to confront the ruling African National Congress and its newly established parliamentary alliance.

Zuma’s MK party will join forces with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to usher in a new power in South African politics, succeeding the historical Democratic Alliance (DA) party, which has been in opposition since 1999.

The ANC had a significant shock in this year’s election when it failed to obtain a majority in parliament.

Ramaphosa had won his position after receiving a majority of votes from ANC, DA, and other party supporters in parliament last week.
Both Zuma’s MK party and Malema’s EFF emerged from the ANC as a result of internal conflicts and a desire to address what they refer to as a black South African issue. Both parties accuse the ANC of abandoning black voters and failing to provide economic empowerment.

South Africa has been dealing with serious issues such as high unemployment, inequality, and violent crime.

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