Actress Queeneth Picks Side With Halima Abubakar, Apostle Suleman in S3x Saga Make a mess

Following the nasty controversy that erupted with controversial pastor, Apostle Suleman Johnson, Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor has vowed to stand with Halima Abubakar.
According to Naija News, Halimar has been revealing details of her sexcapade with Suleiman and blaming him for her current condition for more than two months.

However, the apostle refuted the claims during a church service and later filed a lawsuit against the actress for challenging the clergyman to a duel in court.

However, Queeneth Agbor wrote a post on social media explaining why she still supports Halima Abubakar despite their ugly argument.

Agbor claims that she witnessed the actress’ suffering and made the decision to stand by and assist her.

She also begged people to empathize with Abubakar rather than passing judgment on her.
“I posted the post because I have seen her (Abubakar) experience anguish,” she said. Those who are “dragging” (critiquing) her might not make it through the ordeal. Because friends are supposed to stand by each other through hardship, criticism, and tears, I shared the post. True friends are not only revealed in times of fun, laughter, and cheerful festivities, but also in times like these.

She referred to Halima Abubakar as “one unselfish, powerful, and sweet lady I know,” when describing her character. She is generous. I have yet to see somebody conceal their suffering in an effort to lift their depressed friend’s spirits. Halima, if going about one’s business in a proper manner, was a person. But be careful not to step on her toes. She is always available to offer me guidance.

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